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Apartmani Jagoda

Ratko Tödling
Pasadur 8
Lastovo, Croatia


+385 986 984 78
+385 917 249 424


Special offer

During the holiday at the “JAGODA” apartments, we offer home cooked foods. Guests can choose between lunch or dinner for 25€/person or breakfast for 10€/person.

The menu mainly consists of island specialties: fish, lamb, goat meat, home grown fruits and vegetables, seasoned with the renowned olive oil. We offer home wine, brandy and liquor.

The home breed spices and vegetables make the open grilled dishes even more unique.

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We offer the following domestic specialties: wild asparagus soup (“šparoga”), fish carpaccio, grilled octopus, spaghetti with sea hedgehog eggs, lamb ragout with peas, grilled goat meat, etc.