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Apartmani Jagoda

Ratko Tödling
Pasadur 8
Lastovo, Croatia


+385 986 984 78
+385 917 249 424


Lastovo island

Is one of the most beautiful and preserved islands in the southern Adriatic Sea. It is 56 km2 in size and is surrounded by 46 smaller islands and shallows.

The Mediterranean climate is another specialty of the island, with mild and humid winters and warm and sunny summers. It is covered with vegetation and a total of 46 smaller and bigger fields, where grapevines, olives, fruits and vegetables are cultivated in the traditional way.

There is industry on the island, nor bigger cities. The total population is around 800 people. The untouched nature, beautiful gulfs, clear sea and a unique underwater world rich with fish and crustaceans only add up to the islands speciality.